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Dear friends . . . do not doubt for a minute that that we ARE going to win.
We WILL end the landspreading of toxic/pathogenic sewage sludge on dairy
pastures and agricultural land in Rural America.    Please send whatever you
can to help Dr. David L. Lewis in his struggle with the waste industry and
US EPA . . . please don't forget that Research Microbiologist David L. Lewis
has THREE published, peer reviewed articles on adverse health effects from
exposure to irritant chemicals and pathogens from land applied sewage
sludge.   Right now this is the ONLY scientific evidence supporting the
claims of hundreds of sludge victims coast to coast.   The EPA and waste
industry only fund "research" by "scientists" who rubber stamp their (very
wobbly) claim of "no adverse effects". . . . please help us topple their
house of cards . . . . .

Thank you.   Helane Shields, sludge researcher, Alton, NH

(ps - just so you will know we put our money where our mouth is, my husband
and I who are retired on Social Security have donated $10,000 to Dr. Lewis'
defense fund . . . . . . )

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